Our Goals

BitFlux Token

Total Supply: 100,000,000


Symbol: "FLX"


Decimal Places: 18


Contract Address:



Provide internet users with an efficient, decentralized blockchain technology to reward content creators they enjoy.

Provide content creators with increased insentive to create more and better content.

Create increased interaction between content creators on the web and their supporters.

Decentralized  donation system

Reward content creators

Trade and exchange

Enable community interaction

Allow users to exchange and trade their flux tokens in the most suitable way to allow as much trading in the community as possible

Why and How ?

BitFlux RoadMap


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Decentralized Rewards for Content Creators on the world wide web.

Introducing BitFlux

BitFlux is a Utility token designed to attribute value to the appreciation of content on the web through a decentralized reward system for content creators and viewers.


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On every content creation and streaming platform there is a value that is transferred between users, called likes, or follows or subscribers etc.   Likes are a form of recognition to show  content creators that they have done a good job and they become an incentive for creating new content. However since there are an unlimited amount of likes, you can never run out of them, therefore they have no real value and users give away likes for free on low quality content.


BitFlux is a limited supply and freely transferable token that creates value for appreciation of content. If you wish to gift FLX to a content creator you would have to consider whether the content is worth it, but on the other hand you can give out as much as you have available so it gives real value to the rating of content. What is special about our project is that it will have a ranking system on our website to show which content creators have been gifted the most Tokens. This will help create links within the community and help strengthen it as a whole.

Content Creator Partnerships


With the goal of promoting the project so that our platform can be put into place and so that content creators can spread the word and receive rewards in return. We will be hosting partnerships with content creators.


Anyone with a YouTube, Twitch or other content creation platform will be eligible to participate and we hope that this will help spread the word about BitFlux as well as show these content creators and viewers the aim of our project.


Content Creators wishing to participate will be able to sign up via our website where they will be verified and added to a list of participants. They will be placed in a category based on how many followers/subscribers that person has. This category will determine the payout amount in BitFlux Tokens that person will receive at the beginning of each month.


In exchange for their rewards content creators will be provided with a template and certain assets to promote BitFlux, however we encourage them to be creative and they will not be required to stick to the template so long as the requirements are met and they are promoting our project to their viewers.


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